5 Yogasana for Weight Loss

We all want a healthy and fit body, for this, we have to reduce the fat on our stomach, fat on our side and back. Today I have brought five effective yoga postures which will work on your body from all angles and will reduce your weight fast.

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5 effective yogasana for weight loss-

  1. Tadasana
  2. Triyak Tadasana
  3. Trikonasana
  4. Konasana
  5. Hasta Padasana

So without delay, let’s start these effective and easy yoga exercises,


Tadasana is also called Mountain pose. It is the basic and starting yoga asana for weight loss. To do Tadasana, comfortably open your feet equal to your chest and stand up, bringing your hands on top of your head, bringing it tall, and take a deep breath. While inhaling, stretch your body upwards as much as you can. Try to stay for 10-15 seconds, keep happiness on the face, remove the tension.

The practice of Tadasana stretching the whole body, stomach, hands, and Legs which is great for warming up your body. It is good for doing the next yoga exercise.

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Triyak Tadasana:-

It is also called Swaying palm tree pose. Triyak tadasana is very good for reducing your side fat. To do this, Joining both hands, bring them over the head. Once turn your body on the right side, keep both your hands parallel to the body on the right, keep your breath natural, remove tension from the face, keep a seductive smile.

You feel the pull on your side. Practicing Triyak Tadasana 20-25 times every day makes your waist thin. It Reduces the extra fat on the waist. Do it according to your ability, do not force it at all. Have to practice it every day. 

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Now we do the next yoga exercise, the third yogasana, which is called trikonasana. It is also called the Triangle pose. Trikonasana twists our body, it is very good to reduce the fat on our side. To do this, keeping the feet of three feet apart comfortably. Your hands must be open and straight.

While taking a deep breath, go to the right side, look at your left hand, then bring the hands up and take natural breaths, keep the tension away, then go to the left side and look at the right hand. Now, we increase the speed a little, our side fat is reduced rapidly by increasing the speed.

The body becomes flexible, the capacity of the waist increases, the strength comes, the flexibility increases, and the bodyweight gradually starts decreasing with time. Do this according to your capacity. Every day Trikonasana tones up your body to make it healthy.

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After this, now we do the fourth and important yoga exercise. It is also called Angle pose. To do konasana, open your feet on 3-4 feet, stand comfortably, keeping the tension away, bring a seductive smile on the face, touch your left foot with the right hand, see the left hand.

Stay for some time, then do it on the right side. Do it a little faster for fat loss, the breath has a very important contribution, will do it with the breath. The practice of Konasana 20-25 times a day removes the juice of your entire stomach, keeps the whole stomach twisted, reduces your weight rapidly.

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Hasta Padasana:-

The fifth and last one is the most effective yoga practice which we call Hasta padasana. It is also called the Standing forward bend. This alone is very good for reducing your body fat. Doing 10-15 times is very good to reduce fat in your body.

To do hasta padasana, Breathing is a big contribution, speed is even more important than that, those who have severe back pain, do not practice it. Those who practice it every day will not only reduce their weight but also to the strength in the body, to stamina, to immunity, Can feel the power. Have to practice it every day.

By doing it 20-25 times, the weight will be reduced rapidly, practice it every day and work your weight fast.

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Today I told you about 5 effective yogasanas and to do this in an easy and simple way.  Their practice every day is very good to reduce the weight in your body rapidly, you can see that practicing them every day will definitely benefit you.

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